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First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas is the "Grand Daddy" of all Flea Markets and has been so for over 160 years. Which means First Monday Trade Days has really grown over the years and that means it's a really big place that houses thousands of Vendors! And, get this... It's still growing!
This website is designed in such a way that hopefully it will make your visit to First Monday Trade Days Canton easier to navigate and more enjoyable. It'll be your First Monday Trade Days "Fone Book," an online listing of Vendors with a "FMC Guide Map", a "White Pages/Alphabetical" and a "Yellow Pages/Categorical" listing.
How to get around this site
FMC Guide Map - Click/Tap a building or its name, a plan/map of the building will appear with highlighted Vendor advertisers.
White Pages/Alphabetical Directory - Scrollable alphabetical listing of Vendors.
Yellow Pages/Categorical Directory - Scrollable categorized listing of Vendors.
Do you have the spirit of an entrepreneur!?
If so, why not give First Monday Trade Days a go?
Come join the ever growing group of vendors and set up your own booth at First Monday Trade Days Canton.

Thanks to all the shoppers who visit our website and follow us on Facebook.

"ShopFirstMondayCanton.com" gives you a 24/7 opportunity to make purchases from your favorite "First Monday Trade Days" vendors.

We hope you find our website easy to use and that you'll make "ShopFirstMondayCanton.com" your online venue of choice when it comes to finding bargains that aren't easily found elsewhere.

Visit Our Partners
First Monday
Trade Days
Canton, Texas
December 03, 2015


December 06, 2015
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