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Know anyone with a Smart Fone?  Using Technology will increase your profits! We provide active marketing with Facebook, GOOGLE, YAHOO, AOL, Canton Texas Chamber of Commerce, Newspaper & Signs and the First Monday Shoppers use 3500 to 4500 times every day of every week.mon ngon de lam That tremendous amount of shopper traffic has transformed First Monday into an Online Shopping Mall for your business. To further expand our marketing to promote you, we're also known to the search engines as,, and several other domain names. New & repeat First Monday Shoppers are shopping, ordering and buying online plus making their "must see list" of Vendors to shop weeks before  every First Monday. Now the Shoppers can know all about you tooGETTIN' GOOGLED & Facebooked is very good for your Cash Register!!!

Shop First Monday Canton 

You can't sell 'em if they don't find you, but your competition will!!! We believe you're serious about your First Monday business. So are we!  Now, being a part of the First Monday Online Shopping Mall gives you daily exposure for your Businesss  For just pennies a day, your First Monday Business is actively marketed to thousands of First Monday Shopper hits with descriptive text about your business & the products you sell plus links to your website and Facebook plus pinpoint your First Monday booth locations plus other off site locations plus alphabetical and numerous "Yellow Pages"  unlimuited sub-catagory listings plus the phone calls & Emails we respond to and a whole lot more. All this for just 50 cents a day!!!  For those Businesses desiring more exposure, we've added "Flash Pictures" displaying your name & web link at the top of every page, "Partner Links" that follow every page, and "Featured Vendors" that enjoys tons of hits. Regardless of where you're advertising now, we're told  the phone calls, the Emails and the hundreds of thousands of Shopper hits every month are really making a difference to Vendor profits. Maybe that's why we have an 86% renewal rate. 

 START IMPROVING YOUR PROFITS TODAY ! Download your application for the "" locator site by clicking here.  This is a PDF document and requires Adobe Acrobat (a free widely used program) to view.  If you don't have Adobe you can get it free here. Or you can call Vic Wetherholt at 903-567-2899 and register by phone.

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First Monday is the "Grandaddy" of them all and is open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the weekend containing the "First Monday" of the month.  (Click here for Market Dates)

There are several "landlords" and each one is a little different, therefore, they each have their own rules and prices and amenities. We encourage you to be a careful shopper to be sure you get what you need. A first hand visit is always recommended!

Original First Monday Trade Day Grounds, the "City Side"

  • First Monday Trade Days - (903) 567-6556 - Open-air & reserved spaces on original First Monday Grounds. Covered pavillions, First Monday Trade Center I, II, lll & lV  
  • Canton Civic Center - (903) 567-1067 - 34,000 sq. ft. indoor market, antiques & collectibles only.

The Lewis Group of Pavillions (903-581-1876) which includes:

The Old Mill Marketplace (903-567-5445) which includes:

  • Old Mill Marketplace - Pavillions & Open-air facing Hwy.64 across from animal grounds.
  • The Mountain - 500+ individual permanent shops, next door to Old Mill Marketplace
  • The Village - Over 12 acres of permanent shops, next door west of Old Mill Marketplace on Hwy. 64.

Canton Marketplace (903-567-7772) - A/C and Heated with 300 vendor booths

Canton Trade Center (903-567-4343)

Curry Animal Grounds (903-567-6197) - Several acres on Hwy.64 east of downtown. Animals and other merchandise sold.

Mill Creek Trade Grounds (903-882-4817)  - South side of Tyler St. between Hwy. 19 & 64.